Keep on keeping on

If I thought only about keeping New Year’s Resolutions, I would have already failed to keep my New Year’s resolution of blogging once per week. I wrote my first post on 1/1 and 23 days later I am writing my 2nd. If I thought only in terms of resolutions, I would have said to myself “Oh well, I’ll try again next year.”, and I would have stopped.

Instead, what I have done was to look at my original goal and say that maybe it needs to be revised. Often you have other goals competing for your attention or stressors that you did not anticipate when you set your goal. Often other people that you have responsibility for like children, aging parents, or demanding bosses will redirect your life and goals more than you planned.

The ability to persist and adapt in the face of challenges to your goals is very essential. Try to set aside time daily, or at least weekly, when you can evaluate what you are doing well, and what you may need to do to change. I remember the words from one of the books by Robert Allen that help me keep on track — “Plan your work, then work your plan”.

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